Chiropractic Care

Safe and effective spinal manipulations performed by Dr. Godo fix misalignments in the spine and allow for the body to properly heal.

Acid Reflux

Heartburn is a common sign of hiatal hernia, we utilize Applied Kinesiology including nutritional counseling to eradicate your symptoms.

Irritable Bowel

Chiropractic Adjustments along with nutritional advice and supplements will help to overcome IBS without the use of harmful medications.

Applied Kinesiology

AK evaluates the chemical, mental and structural aspects of the patients health to find and treat the underlying causes of illness.

Chiropractor Lake View Chicago

Chiropractor in Lake View, Chicago: Dr. Jason Godo, D.C. of Godo Chiropractic in Chicago seeks to get to the root of your health problems and focus on the underlying causes of the injury and disease.  In addition to being a skilled Chiropractor, Dr. Godo is trained in Applied Kinesiology. The doctor trained in applied kinesiology corrects muscle weakness and muscle imbalance by working with the nervous system, the lymphatic system, the vascular system, acupuncture meridians and nutrition. This is a holistic approach designed to get to the cause of health problems.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, boost your energy, improve your overall health, reduce stress, alleviate headaches and allergies or recover from an injury; the team at Godo Chiropractic has the state-of-the-art equipment and advanced treatment therapies designed to help you reach your goals in the quickest time possible. If you are looking for the best Chiropractic Care in Chicago, set up your complimentary consultation with Dr. Jason Godo, D.C. and start living a healthier life without medication or surgery!


Chiropractor in Lake View Chicago
Additional Chiropractic and Wellness Services

Auto & Work Injury

One of the most sought after Chiropractic Centers in Chicago for the treatment of injuries from car and work accidents.

Sports Chiropractic

We work with professional and amateur athletes to boost performance and recover quickly from injury.

Essential Oils

Discover some of the many ways you can use Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils available to our patients at the facility.

Personal Training

BKSTRENGTH motivates, guides and offers individualized programs for every client — ultimately helping them reach new heights.


We look at your structure, neurology, immune system, hormones, and your body chemistry in order to properly treat fibromyalgia symptoms.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Adjustments provide for a more comfortable pregnancy by alleviating back pain, headaches, nausea, insomnia and other symptoms.

Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Jason Godo provides nutritional recommendations in order to lose weight, increase energy, boost immunity and improve health.


Safe and effective treatments to stimulate dead or damaged nerves to improve function and relieve pain suffered from sciatica.

ZYTO Body Scan

Galvanic Skin Response technology is used to measure fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin to help Dr. Godo choose proper solutions to your health.

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in Lake View Chicago


Chiropractor 60657: Just blocks away from Wrigley Field in Lake View Chicago, our Chiropractic Office is equipped with the most advanced Holistic Healthcare equipment and technology. In addition to the amazing care that every patient of Dr. Godo’s receives, visitors to our facility will notice a number of attributes that set our office apart from the rest!

Why Godo Chiropractic is the Best Chiropractic Facility in Chicago:

  • “No Wait Policy”. All of our patients are seen immediately.
  • The friendliest staff in all of Chicago!
  • Large private treatment rooms.
  • Convenient location – Belmont “el” stop for Red, Brown, and Purple Lines; metered street parking in front.
  • Secondary evaluations/opinions.
  • M.D. and attorney referrals.
  • Most insurance accepted; we do all the paperwork.

Godo Chiropractic – Dr. Jason Godo, D.C.
3118 N Sheffield Ave #1s, Chicago, IL 60657


What others are saying about Dr. Jason Godo & Godo Chiropractic


I am continually impressed by the level of overall care provided by Dr. Godo and his staff. Bare minimum, he is a great chiropractor. From his knowledge and ability to alleviate pain. Where he goes above and beyond, for me, is his level of involvement. It not only is in giving you proactive steps for better health inside and out, but also his understanding and willingness to help with various insurance groups, always putting the patient first. He is passionate about his work and has a great personality. I’m truly lucky to have him taking care of me. His staff is incredibly attentive and is second to none in terms of taking care of the patient. They provide ample reminders for the appointment and due their due diligence with the insurance company. And you can tell tell they’re generally interested in finding out as much as possible to better help you understand all the options. Cannot say enough good things about them. And have recommended a few friends and they’ve all said the same thing.


Alexander H.


Great for both body pain and allergies. I don’t know who he is or where he came from but at minimum he will cure you of at least SOMETHING. I wish I had known about Mr. Godo sooner, he would have saved me thousands in chiro payments over the years. Most just crack snap and pop… Godo does muscle testing, he’s actually treating the root of your issue. Oh and as an added bonus, he also cured me of my dairy and pet allergies. His assistant Julie is adorable as well, she’s really nice and kind. BTW, I’m writing this review because I discovered him through yelp so I’d figure I’d pay it forward.


Noah T.


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